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Explore the mysteries of Ravenhill and get rewards!. In this new and exciting game, you have to solve the mysteries of a once flourishing city that suddenly became a ghost town. Where did all its residents disappear to and who or what is behind it? To find answers to these questions, set out for Ravenhill, a city full of secrets and mystique, and plunge into a whirlwind of breathtaking events! You'll find yourself in Ravenhill, which still has some residents, and start unraveling a tangle of enigmatic incidents. In fact, a mission to prevent an unknown catastrophe is entrusted to you! / reviews - I've kept this game because it's relaxing, fun, challenging but not impossible / liked it - 38675 reviews

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Schöpfer = BeaverTap Games, LLC
Untertitel = Laufen, springen & schwingen
Versionshinweise = Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung!
Veröffentlichungstermine = 08.08.2013
In-App = Bonus-Menü
Kritik = Obwohl ich aus dem Follow-up ersehen kann, dass es wahrscheinlich noch weiter oben auf meiner Liste der Spiele liegt, das Platformer-Jucken zu zerkratzen, sind die Steuerelemente im Moment sehr ungenau